This year, celebrate your birthday by doing something that makes a difference for this planet.

-> Clean up a park. Clean up a beach. Plant something. With your friends.

It could be the most fulfilling birthday celebration, and we’ll help you organize it.

It’s always somebody’s birthday. Let’s make every day into BEarthday.

Simply enter your birth month below, we’ll get you started!





The Inspiration

2014’s Ice Bucket Challenge demonstrated social media’s power for inspiring people to action – as it’s fun.

The Motivation

To be someone who takes care of the planet

When I think about the state of the world, and what motivates people to treat each other and the world the way that we do, I see something basic missing. There’s one important little background motivation, that if woven into people’s great subconscious motivation system, it would be for the greater good. What’s that motivation?

The Mission

To create a world of careatakers

If leaving a positive legacy on the health of our environment held even a little bit more priority in what the culture as a whole thinks of as “success,” I think we could really turn this pollution-happy culture around.

The Project

Leverage the enrollment power of birthdays to create a world of caretakers

So how can we spread this without beating people over the head with it?

One birthday party at a time.

When someone a person cares about invites them to a birthday party, they respond. When it turns out to be an event where they experience the innate satisfaction of making the world a better place, that positive energy just might have them thrilled to accept the challenge to do the same thing, and invite more people in. Heck, it happened to me.

Imagine if all you had to do was host a leave-a-loving-trace BEarthday party, post about it with #BEarthday and share it widely, and that suddenly you were part of the paradigm shift from consumers to caretakers.

The Beginnings

Starting small

They say there’s six degrees of separation between any one of us, and every other person on the planet. There are birthdays every day. Imagine a world where a happy groups of people are doing something great for the world somewhere every single day. Imagine if taking care of this Earth that makes our lives possible just became part of how we celebrate our life!

The Growth

Exponential viral growth

Imagine that, because they had just been cleaning up plastic trash from somewhere, someone you wouldn’t expect to even show up felt less likely to have disposable cups at their next gathering. Imagine them accepting the challenge, and one of their guests you never met gets to shift to re-usable cups in their company’s cafeteria. Imagine it spreading to someone with the power to decide whether to spend what it takes to build a cleaner factory, or to switch energy technologies altogether.

Imagine everyone increasingly including the planets welfare in all basic decisions.

Imagine more people hosting gatherings at all. More people being more social and interacting with more of their friends more often in service of this planet.

This is the future I see for us.

The Reminders

Because we forget…

I did this for my last birthday, and everyone loved the idea, but few actually remembered to follow through. I reminded them personally, but realized a system needed to be put in place, so I created this.

Some of you are thinking this is a great idea, and could use a reminder email about a month before your birthday to help remind you. These will only be used to remind you and will not be shared with anyone ever.

You will get an email on the third of the month before your birthday.

This is a labor of love, not a business. I will not share your email with anyone.